Introducing the NEW St. Louis Scottish Rite App!

Are you a member of the Scottish Rite – Valley of St. Louis and have an Android or iPhone smart phone? The St. Louis Scottish Rite has an app for you!

The St. Louis Scottish Rite app was developed as an intra-valley communication tool that is easy to use and feature rich. Similar to other popular social media apps you can join conversations, send messages to other members directly, share photographs, view a calendar of events, receive reminders for upcoming events, and much more. However, this app is limited to verified members of the Scottish Rite and the Valley of St. Louis in particular.

The Scottish Rite is an Appended Body of Freemasonry; The World’s oldest and largest Fraternity. Membership is open to any Master Mason who is in good standing and seeks further knowledge into the craft and further light into the principles that guide every Freemason. Like all Masonic branches, the Scottish Rite does not discriminate on the basis of Race or Religion.

The Valley of St. Louis was established in 1904 and is a constituent body of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and operates under the authority of The Supreme Council, 33°, A.A.S.R. of Freemasonry, S.J., USA.

How to get the App
1. Go to your Smartphone’s App Store (See links below)
2. Download the App
3. Enter your email address, it is preferred to use the email address you receive communications from the Scottish Rite
4. If your email address matches and auto approval will be sent to verify your account
5. If a different email address is used, one of the administrators will have to verify your membership.
6. Start interacting with the St. Louis Valley

Install the AASR Valley of St. Louis MO app on iPhone or iPad
Install the AASR Valley of St. Louis MO app on Android

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