Knights of St. Andrew

Are you a black cap looking to get involved in the Scottish Rite?  Do you want to help create fun activities and events that go beyond the Four Bodies Meetings?  Then the Knights of St. Andrew is the group you are looking for!

KSA_logo-133The Order of the Scottish Knights of Saint Andrew-Valley of St. Louis is patterned after the Knights of St. Andrew in Guthrie, Oklahoma, where the KSA was founded as a group dedicated to the “Black Hat” members of the Scottish Rite. Today, the KSA has over 80 Chapters in more than 30 states with Orders of Knights currently active in the United States of America, as well as in Asia.

The St. Louis Chapter was founded in 2004 and our Charter Members began work immediately for the good of the Valley. Our purpose, first and foremost, is to provide our members with a way to serve the Valley by assisting with whatever is necessary, so far as we are able.

It is our desire to help new members learn about all the opportunities within the Degree Teams, Stage Crew, Walker Clinic, Membership Development and the many other “committees” in the Valley. And yes, a lot of us help in the kitchen preparing food during the reunions. And we have a great time doing it!

But Knighthood is not all work. Throughout the year, we hold meetings, travel, and act as the Honor Guard to the Sovereign Grand Inspector General and the Valley. We even hold a few family-style social gatherings, because we know that the Scottish Rite Mason wants to involve his family as well as himself. This has the added benefit of helping us to become a unit instead of just a bunch of guys.

Membership in our order is open, at no cost, to all 32° Masons who are members in good standing of the St. Louis Valley. If a member receives the honor of the Knight Commander Court of Honor (KCCH), he becomes a Knight Emeritus and can participate in all KSA activities other than voting and holding office.

Our KSA meetings are normally held on the last Friday of each month, after which we sponsor the monthly “Gentlemen’s League” meeting with food, fellowship, “beverages”, movies and revelry. We encourage all new 32° Masons of the Valley to join the ranks as soon as possible so that we can provide opportunities for them to become involved.

Officers for 2015

C. Cummings Cantwell, 32°Venerable Knight
Stephen W. Marquard, 32°Prior
Harry V. Moppins Jr., 32°Preceptor
David J. Hoffman, 32°Secretary/Treasurer
Jack Grothe, 32°Marshal
Jay L. Taylor, 32°Orator
Michael F. Boyd, 32°Prelate
Richard J. Jordan, 32°
Standard Bearer
Daniel E. Jackson, 32°Captain of the Guard

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