What Do We Do?

Scottish Rite Masons are active on local, state, national, and international levels. Our activities include:

  1. Fund scholarships for students and teachers.
  2. Support programs for young people and services for the aged.
  3. Assist young people to overcome language and learning disorders.
  4. Help crippled children to walk via such advanced medical centers as the Scottish Rite Hospitals in Atlanta and Dallas.
  5. Support and create patriotic programs to remind Americans of our great national heritage.
  6. Advocate absolute separation of church and state as a mainstay of freedom.
  7. Advance the public school system as a guarantee of intellectual liberty.
  8. Champion the family as the cornerstone of our nation.

There is not a facet of community life where Scottish Rite Masons have not had an impact for good. Local Scottish Rite members are doers and achievers.  We also engage the community through fun as well, with our annual Burns Night Dinner and various fundraising activities.

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