What Is The Philanthropy Of The Scottish Rite?

For over twenty-five (25) years, the principal charity supported by the Valley of Saint Louis has been the Walker Scottish Rite Clinic. The Walker Scottish Rite Clinic is committed to teaching two-through six-year-old children with speech and language disorders the communication skills necessary to succeed in school and throughout their lives. This goal is achieved through early identification and long-term therapy and by training parents to use techniques with their children at home.

The programs of the Walker Scottish Rite Clinic are:


  • Clinic therapists visit local daycares and preschools and do screenings to identify potential speech and language problems.

KidTalk Prep

  • Group therapy program for children ages two and three who are generally not speaking. By working in a small group for two-hour sessions twice weekly these children learn how to socialize with their peers as their speech and language skills are stimulated. After KidTalk Prep, these children may go into individual therapy.

KidTalk Therapy

  • Provides individual speech and language therapy sessions of 30 minutes twice-weekly for children ages two through six. Therapy is tailored to meet each child’s specific speech/language needs and typically continues for 12 to 18 months. Main Office in Saint Louis, MO (Monday thru Friday)

KidTalk Outreach Therapy

  • Provides screening and therapy services to children age two through six in the following cities.(Select city name for location and map) Satellite Office in Elsberry, MO (Monday thru Thursday) Crystal City, MO (Tuesday & Thursday) Union, MO (Monday)

KidStart Therapy

  • Provides speech and language therapy to children of low-income families enrolled in selected Grace Hill Head Start Preschools in the City of St. Louis

All Ears Hearing Screenings

  • Provides full audiological evaluation by a licensed and certified audiologist to all children enrolled in Clinic programs.

Parents Education and Training

  • Provides speech and language development information and training for parents to implement a home program targeting speech and language skills also being addressed in therapy.

Take Time to Read

  • To encourage good language skills, the Clinic provides books for children to borrow and to earn. For each ten books a child and adult read together, the child is allowed to select one book from the Clinic’s collection to keep. This supports parents as they help their children develop speech and language skills through book-sharing activities.

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