While the four bodies of the Scottish Rite meet once a quarter for dinner and a stated business meeting, the members of the Valley have many other opportunities to join together in fellowship and to better serve this active organization. While certain clubs like the 33° Club, KCCH and Knights of St. Andrew have membership restrictions, the remaining organizations are open to all Scottish Rite Masons.


33cross The 33° Club is open only to Scottish Rite Masons who have received this degree. The members of this elite group represent the senior members who have given of their time and talent for years to grow and preserve the Valley of Saint Louis. An individual cannot ask for or apply for membership in this club. Link to 33rd Degree Association of St. Louis
KCCH KCCH Club – The Scottish Rite confers a number of honors upon members who have contributed extraordinary service to the Rite, to Masonry in general, and to the world at large. The first of these is the Rank and Decoration of a Knight Commander of the Court of Honour (KCCH), which may be conferred after a minimum of 46 months of membership (usually much longer) and is strictly limited in numbers. Link to Knights Commander Court of Honor (KCCH)
KSA_logo-133 The Knights of St. Andrew is an order in the Scottish Rite exclusively for the “black hats” and is open to all members who have not received their KCCH or the 33rd Degree. Their purpose is to grow the Scottish Rite in Kansas City by giving young members a vehicle through which their efforts can make a difference.  The Knights of St Andrew Meet on the last Friday of the month in the Lounge. Link to Knights of Saint Andrew (KSA)
32_eagle_Freemasons133  The NEMO Scottish Rite Club, one of the most active in the St. Louis Valley, serves the North East Area of Missouri – meeting six times a year (April, May, June & September, October, November on the fourth Wednesday evenings), at various restaurants, and dining rooms in the several cities where our wide spread membership resides. Our membership finds brethren located in several of the neighboring counties of North East Missouri, as constituent members. Link to NEMO Club
St. Louis Men’s Club  Link to St. Louis Men’s Club







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